Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Quality of Life

I decided to start this blog in hopes of inspiring others to spend less and to maybe bring us back to the simple things in life. Growing our own food, making food from scratch, and becoming more thrifty as all of us are falling on hard times. I coupon and am always on the hunt for the best deals! Especially for foods you can stock up on. I also try to make as many of our meals from scratch as I can. I don't like to spend all day making one meal, with my 3 year old daughter and being 7 months pregnant, I am way too tired to even turn on the microwave by the end of the day. Hopefully some of my recipes and tricks will help others low on time, energy, and money.

I was inspired to do all this by my great-grandparents (may they rest in peace) watching them as I grew up and listening to the stories my dad told us. They worked hard their entire lives, ate food fried in Crisco, smoked packs of cigarettes, chewed tobacco and lived well into their 90s! Must be something to it! My husband always says it was because of "the quality of life." The lived on some 50 plus acres in the middle of nowhere in north Tennessee. They were surrounded by beautiful trees, a fresh spring meters from the house, and many types of wildlife. Some of my fondest memories are as a kid were waking up early and walking into the dining room to see my papaw sitting near the window watching the deer as they came up into view from the woods. He'd grab his binoculars he kept nearby and let me watch them. We'd sit and watch the fog roll away and he would tell me about all the animals he saw sitting from that very spot. I cherish these memories so, and hope that I can provide the same "quality of life" for my children.

While our family may not be in the best living situation now, we do try to make the best out of what we have. I hope this blog becomes hope for some, maybe a stepping stone for those looking for more out of the rat race, and those who want more of that "quality of life."

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  1. AWESOME!! I love it up in Tenn. too!! It's all in the memories you create for your children, no matter where you are! :)