Friday, August 19, 2011

Ways to Save at Chuck E. Cheese

It’s inevitable. We all find ourselves at Chuck E. Cheeses with the half-eaten pizza, soda cups strewn around the table in every flavor, including the infamous suicide soda cup, pockets empty, and kids begging you to take them to the ticket counter so they can buy the same toys they got in Susie Q’s birthday gift bag a month ago. And you are now out about $40 some dollars. Makes you want to curse that stupid rat and buy a chain so you can rake in all those tokens!

All is not lost! I have some tips for you to use when visiting the fat rat, to help save you money and some of your sanity.

  1. Sign up for the Chuck E. Cheese mailing list. You get an email about every month with new coupons for tokens, food, and drinks.
  2. Check the website for the reward calendars. Have your child complete one of the rewards and turn it in for 10 free tokens!
  3. Eat before you go. The pizza is expensive, at about $10 for a medium cheese pizza. Little Ceasars cost $5 for carry out!
  4. Play Skee Ball online and win up to 40 tickets!
  5. Turn in those $25 coupons you get in the emails and you get around 165 tokens (.15 cents a token depending on the deal for the month), but don’t use them all up in one visit. Give each kid about 20 tokens and let them run loose and when they are done, they are done!
  6. My fav, turn in those pizza and drink coupons every once in a while and upgrade to the plastic cups for 99 cents each. Bring those cups back with you and get some free soda!
  7. Go early in the morning and go Monday through Thursday. This way you avoid the crowds and large birthday parties. You can also catch the employees who are there early testing out all the machines and they leave the tickets they win on the games. Great way to get a get at least free tickets!!
I hope that helps! Let me know if you guys can think of any more money saving tips!

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